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I came to astrology quite late in life.  I’ve had a technical career in IT in the traditional land of 9-5.  I’ve spent my time, the same as many - married life, bringing up kids, chasing a career and dreaming of retirement, until one day, I realised that I could retire early and spend my time doing what I ‘really wanted to do’ … yay. 


My mother was what I’d always considered ‘alternative’ …. I wasn’t interested in her ‘hippie’ ideas.  So, like many before me, I came to astrology by trying to prove it was all just ‘a load of crap’ but I soon realised that I had uncovered a wonderful complex language of symbols, sacred geometry and meaning and I was hooked.  In fact, I absolutely love it and can’t get enough of it now.  It appeals to the part of me that likes systems, order and practicality…. who’d have known it.


And so, I now get to share my passion for Hellenistic Astrology.  I provide readings and talks, and my old friend technology means we can work together across continents and time zones.  So, if this is something you are interested in, please get in touch.  

Aly x



Once you develop a passion for astrology, learning is everything!  I'm honoured to have learnt from some of the finest traditional astrologers in the field.  Specifically: Demetra George, Chris Brennen, Austin Coppock and many more. 

My professional certification comes from NightLight Astrology with Acyuta-Bhava Das.  I have completed  his Year I and II programs, as well as Horary Astrology.  


I also belong to Astrum Opus, a wonderful collective of talented Astrologers from across the world, who all specialise in Hellenistic Astrology.  Together we further our exploration into the vast field of astrology, testing techniques and combining our skills to interpret charts.


Astrum Opus offers similar services, but working with them represents an amazing opportunity to access the combined knowledge of these talented Astrologers.  This can be delivered via Zoom in either a group setting or individual one to one. 

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