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 Astrology Services

All sessions will be via Zoom and can be recorded. 
If you are local to Yorkshire then we could meet in person.




This one-hour session will explore your natal chart with techniques used by the ancient Greeks.  I study the natal promise of your birth chart and look at the past, present and future.


in a conversation that is adapted to your individual requirements, a good starting point for a deep reading is to ask a question, something that is on your mind.


Having an awareness of certain karmic patterns is an indispensable tool and a useful first step in any healing process and for personal advancement.


It is really important that you have the precise date, time and place of birth.  As soon as you have this information, contact me so we can schedule our session together!


(for returning clients)


During this one-hour session, we will look at the astral weather and explore what the planets have in store for the upcoming year. 

The Solar Return chart will highlight the most important themes of the year and the Time Lord will tell us which planet is active.  We then trace the important transits to your natal planets.  This will be combined with other techniques like the progressed lunation cycle and Zodiacal Releasing to see when some of the key patterns of your natal promise will be activated.



(for returning clients)


Got a quick question that you need to discuss?


I offer guidance in a short but intensive 30-minute session, selecting the most appropriate tools from a variety of techniques.


This session will look to identify the patterns in the natal promise that are currently activated and what to expect in the near future.  We can then explore ways to navigate the themes that are currently presenting.

Ripped Paper Transparent


Ask the oracle! Horary readings are based on asking simple, honest questions.


For example: Does he love me?  Will I get the job?  Make money?  Buy / Sell the house?  Will my sports team win?


To prepare, take time and carefully think about what it is that you want to know.  Make sure there are no hidden motives.  Honest questions are more likely to be answered correctly!  Reformulate the question if necessary.  It is important that you are completely sincere. 

When you are confident that your question is entirely honest, and only when you are ready to hear the answer, contact me with your question.  I will then cast and interpret a horary chart and send you the answer through email. 


This reading is not a dialogue.  The answer will be the answer, so make sure you are ready to hear good or bad. 

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